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New Year, new organisers, new page!

Yo yo waddup?!

The Student Boater X has moved elsewhere for 2011, with a pair of brand new organisers from Leeds University Union Canoe Club: James and Jethro.  Both organisers of the National Student Rodeo 2011, the event is in safe hands – i.e. these chaps know how to throw one hell of a kayaking party!

It’s set to be another great season in the Southern French Alps, so you and your uni don’t want to miss out on this one!

Get all the info at the new wordpress page:

Matt x

Posted by: matthaydock | June 4, 2010

See ya there!

The Boater-X and SlopeJam team will be waving goodbye to those white cliffs in a matter of hours, so there’s not much left to say other than see you out at L’Argentiere ready for a HUGE event and party!

We’ll be wandering round the slalom course campsite in the lead up to the event, and there’ll be a notice close to reception of where we’re based should you have any questions about either of the two events.

As a general plan:

FRIDAY 11th JUNE: SLOPEJAM entrants, spectators, onlookers, cheerleaders, W.A.G.S. et al. – meet at either:
L’Argentiere campsite reception @ 4:30pm OR
Top of the main section of the Fournel @ 5:00pm
Runs will start soon after 5, so please be prompt.  A running order and general low down will be dished out to participants on arrival.
Prizegiving and evening plans dished out after that.

Same basic plan as the day before – meeting at 5pm, this time at the slalom course control centre building thingy.  The lowdown for all the events will be given there and then.  Races will be in the order of:
(1-3 on the slalom course itself, 4 and 5 on the campsite lake)
Precise timings are based around the “takes as long as it takes” rule – just be ready and raring for 5.
Prizegiving will be under the BigDog Gazebo near the slalom course control centre.  Party details will be announced at the prizegiving with news of plans from the “Extreme Events” crew.  The basic plan is to head up to the Fournel (a stones throw away, in order to not p*ss off the campsite) with a transmitter, couple of speakers, banging tunes, refreshing beverages in a wheelie bin of equivalent and good, clean fun (;-))

Any questions whilst we’re out there, come and find us (it’s not that big a campsite) or if you can’t find us call on +44(0)7786196720!

See you in the sun,

Matt & Andy x

Posted by: matthaydock | May 27, 2010

Yikes! Even more sponsors!

As the time to wave goodbye to blighty for a summer of sun draws ever-closer, and before we let you in on the final details, here’s an update on the news of even more sponsors and goodies that are rolling into Boater-X HQ.

We’re proud to have Big Dog as the newest sponsor for SBX and SlopeJam 2010 and have lined up a mind-blowing prize, a brand new FORCE RIVER RUNNING KAYAK.
The winner of which category the boat will be for is yet to be decided, but you can rest assured you’ll have a big smile on your face if you end up winning a brand new boat!
The BigDog team will also be down at L’Argentiere for the duration of the event with the team van, so feel free to check them out.

Remember this at the National Student Rodeo MMX?:

Well its time for an Alpine re-run with Kukri being the main sponsors of the one and only Inflatey-X down on the campsite lake at L’Argentiere. The rules are of course using anything that is “not a boat” – but the stalwart craft of a Kukri inflatable sofa or “Kofa” will be on sale at the Boater-X pitch for the price of £10 or10EUR so you don’t miss out. And of course after the race, they’re a great campsite addition and make lounging around at the tents after a top days boating in the sun that much more comfortable and stylish. Pre-order your Kofa (limited stock available) now by e-mailing
Kukri, as well as making super sofas, are manufacturers of top quality team kit with a huge passion for ensuring you look your best as a club.

Simon and the G17 team will be offering an amazing prize this year with a one-time only set of “Golden tickets” for 2 lucky people which you can trade in for a free Gene17 white water course (BCU 4 star, 5 star, Basic WWSR or Advanced WWSR) with some of the best coaches in the business. Not just that, but some top quality paddling flicks on DVD from the award winning Gene17 media collection will also be up for grabs.

Tom Parker will be providing more than just jokes such as:
“I went to the doctor with persistent wind….he gave me a kite” at the Boater-X this year. Limited edition Tom Parker Coaching and Guiding T-Shirts will be just some of the prizes available this year.

A reminder that FlowFree will be out in the Alps from the 15th June and are available for coaching, guiding and playboating clinics as well as tailored sessions at the Hawaii-sur-Rhone wave in Lyon – just have a scan at their website and get in touch!
Good friends of SBX, Lowri from FlowFree has lined up a smashing prize – a half-day alpine freestyle clinic for you and up to 3 others at a suitable venue in the French Alps or at H-s-R!

It wouldn’t be the same without some top quality gear up for grabs at SBX and SlopeJam this year and with a load of stuff in the prize haul from BAs to beanies, it’s time to get your Boater-X head on!

A reminder that SBX T-shirts are available for pre-order (a limited number are available), sizes S, M and L for the price of £10 or 10EUR. Kukri Sofas also available for pre-order.
Just e-mail
Check out the T-shirt designs here:

Back with final details in the next couple of days!

Catch you real soon!
Matt & Andy x

Posted by: matthaydock | May 26, 2010

T-Shirts, Get ya T-Shirts Here!

No paddling event would be complete without the flogging of some cheesy wears – and we’ve lined up some awesome merchandise for SBX/SlopeJam 2010!

First on the list, the brand new SBX/SlopeJam 2010 T-shirts!

These sexy beasts are designed by the oh-so-talented Amy Simcock and manufactured by our sponsor – “For Your Eyes People” (

For all the info on how to get your mits on one – check out the “Merchandise” page!

If you can’t be good, look good – with an SBX T-shirt!

Final info coming very soon,
Matt & Andy x

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Sponsors Galore…

It’s all getting a bit exciting here down at Boater-X HQ with news of sponsors rolling in thick and fast!  The Sponsors page of the website is all newly updated – so why not check out to see who’s on board so far and what totally sick-diculous prizes are up for grabs?!

…and it doesn’t stop there!  Sponsors and news of prizes are getting added every day – so be sure to check back.

With summer fast approaching and the end of term in sight – start planning your Alpine holiday now (to procrastinate wildly, if nothing else) and be sure to include SBX and SlopeJam in your plans!

Whilst we’re on the topic, there’s still lots of spots available for SlopeJam 2010 – just drop us a line now to be sure to book your space!

Mach Lav,
Matt and Andy x

Posted by: matthaydock | March 12, 2010

Back for 2010…

THE superlative paddling event in the French Alps this season for students and boaters who know how to part-ay is back once again – this time with a pair of brand new organisers at the helm.

As Tom stays back in blighty to impart some useful knowledge on impressionable youngsters, Matt Haydock and Andy Jaunzems (from Leeds Uni…sort of) are here to make sure the Boater X and SlopeJam are bigger than ever this year!

This wordpress page will be continuously updated over the next few weeks with all the news, gosssip and details from those most gracious of creatures – the sponsors!

If you need any info, and you want to get a head start on getting your uni involved this year, or to apply for SlopeJam 2010 – then please contact us on the brand new e-mail address –

Check out the Facebook event in the meantime!

Dreaming of sun and cheap beer already,

Matt and Andy x

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Paul Wilkinson has taken a million stunners… check them out at

Cheers Paul!

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Well, that’s that! Cheers to everyone who supported, turned up, competed, cheered, helped out and all the other great stuff that you did! A full report sometime tomorrow with any luck… in the mean time check out the Palm Blog for some video of SlopeJam! CLICK

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See you out there…

Friday – 5.30pm – Competitors meet at the Fournel for an informal SlopeJam

Friday – Night – Embrum, the classy club with the light up dance floor!

Saturday – Times TBC – The Clinics

Saturday – 5pm – Meet at the top of the Slalom Course in l’Arg for Boater/Bloater/Inflatey X

Saturday – Night – The island at L’arg for some “L’arg” Partying!

From Tuesday I’ll be in L’arg with the Team and the ghetto-pimp-ride. See you all there.

Posted by: tomlaws | May 29, 2008

Haute Levels in Haute Alpes

As you may have noticed, the French Alps is VERY high at the moment. Unfortunately this puts it all rather up in the air as to what will be happening. Obviously the fournel is unrunnable when it is really high, and the Slalom course may well still be too high for paddling. We hope this doesn’t happen, but it’s not to be ruled out. We will do our best to put on something!!

Can we also stress that these events are all informal gatherings of friends, and we want to keep it that way.

Cheers, and see you in France.

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